Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Citrus Season: We've Got the Perfect Citrus for You!

By: Heather Collier; Produce

It's Citrus Season!!!

Citrus is in season and it is that time of year to boost your Vitamin C intake.
Come in and try our nine varieties of organic citrus, ranging from big, juicy oranges to tiny snack size tangerines.  Looking for an easy-to-eat seedless variety? Look no further because most of our citrus is currently seedless (naturally). 

 We currently have two large orange varieties: Navel and Cara Cara.

Navels are very juicy and seedless with a classic orange flavor, while Cara Caras are pink inside with a very sweet flavor. The Cara Cara orange exists because of a natural mutation of a Navel orange tree. It tastes sweeter than any other orange, has a color similar to ruby grapefruit, and is extremely juicy and seedless. The flesh is pink because it contains lycopene.

Blood oranges are the smaller of our orange varieties. They are mostly seedless with a dark ruby to pomegranate color. They are mildly juicy with a sweet tart flavor. The color of blood oranges is due to anthocyanin, a pigment not found in other citrus varieties.

Among all of our tangerine varieties, the Shasta Tangerine stands out as our staff favorite year after year. It's our largest tangerine, it is very juicy and easy to peel, seedless, and has dark orange flesh. The flavor ranges from sweet and tart to very sweet. Our particular variety is also called "TDE," a cross between Temple, Daisy, and Encore mandarins from Deer Creek Heights Ranch in San Joaquin Valley, CA, which is much warmer than the surrounding citrus land. 

Murcott tangerines are bright orange, with sweet flesh and some seeds. 

Fairchild tangerines are juicy, sweet and tart, with a dark orange color of flesh and some seeds.
If you are looking for a tangerine that does have seeds, the Honey tangerine is your best bet. They are quite seedy with pale, juicy flesh and a mild flavor, not too sweet or tart.

Another one of our staff favorites is the Satsuma mandarin, which gets its name from Japan where it is originates. They are small, easy to peel, with extremely juicy, dark orange flesh and a flavor ranging from very sweet to very tart. 

With all of these very different varieties there is sure to be something for everyone!

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