Friday, December 12, 2014

Berryvale Customers Donate $6000+ to Boles Fire Fund

Berryvale crew members present a check to Shasta Regional Community Foundation Staff. Photo courtesy Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers. 

We had a great article in the Mt. Shasta Herald last week detailing this donation. I've paraphrased it here for those of you who are interested:

Berryvale began a change round up program September 15th of this year. Our customers are asked if they want to round up their change to the nearest dollar for a specific non-profit. The Boles Fire was a huge thing for our shared community and we knew it was the right time to implement the round-up program. In the 25 days that we asked customers if they wanted to round up they donated $6,264.09! That is all from the generosity of individuals who shop at Berryvale. We are so grateful that we have such a wonderful group of people around us.

We donated some additional funds - directly from Berryvale and some from our bag-fee fund - to bring the total to $10,000.  Berryvale doesn’t retain any of the money we collect from our bag charge – it’s meant to reduce the total consumption of bags, not to be punitive. In the past we’ve donated to Plates for People.

We’re presenting the check to the Shasta Regional Community Foundation, who will see that it gets distributed effectively. Their Community Disaster Relief Fund was set up in response to the fire. The SRCF generously decided to not assess administrative fees for this specific fund.